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Our Process

1.) If you're having a fence built the very first step is for us to call Idaho's "Digline" to mark where there are underground utility lines running. This protects our company and prevents our employees from hitting anything while digging post holes. This typically takes about 3 days for them to complete. We will schedule your "Set Day" during that time and let you know what day we plan to be out there.


2.) "Set Day"- This is the day we come out to dig the holes and set the posts for your fence and/or gates. Once the posts are set we will take measurements between the posts and for the slope of your yard.


3.) Fabrication - Over the next few days (depending on how busy the shop is) we will cut all the pickets/rails  and weld everything together. Once everthing is welded together we will send it to our Powder Coater.


4.) Powder Coating - They will wash and sand blast everything down. They then apply the powdered paint to the iron with an electro static charged sprayer. After it's evenly coated they bake it in an oven made specifically for powder coating to bake on, or set the paint.  This process can take up to 8 business days depending on how busy they are.


5.) Installation - After the Powder Coating is finished, we will install everything. Depending on the size of the project, install typically takes one day.


Average time from Post Set Day to Completed Project is between 10 to 12 business days. During the Busy season this can sometimes take longer.  We will do our best to keep you informed of where your project is at in the process.


There are many types of Iron fencing and many different heights.  The average price range is $24-$35 per foot depending on the height and style.  Price can also vary depending upon the amount of customization involved in the fabrication process.


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Types of Iron Fencing

The Industry Standard is 4" Spacing or 3 3/4" Air Space.  Panels are installed with brackets and bolts.  In some occurances it may be recommended or desired to have the panels welded in onto the posts.  These are case by case instances and will be discussed as there is a higher charge to install the panels by welding them in place.



Vista Capped

Alt Vista

Alt Vista Capped


Tahoe Style Western

3" Spacing (Which Comes to about 2 3/4" Air Space) *Good for smaller dogs


Types of Gates:



Self Closing 

Self Closing with Magna Latch (Required for Pools)

Double Gates

Double Arched Gate

Double Drive Gate w/ Drop Rod

Keypad Entry Gates

Lockbox Gates

Electronic Gate Operators

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