City of Boise Fence Regulations

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Fence Regulations

Boise Municipal Code Section 11-09-07

Section 11-09-07.01 General Provisions

No fence or wall shall be constructed or installed in any zone without the review and approval of such by the  Planning Director. Fences in the Historic or “HD” Districts require a Certifi cate of Appropriateness. Permits are valid for one year from the date of approval. An administrative application shall be submitted to determine compliance with the following approval criteria.


A. Electric fences are prohibited within the corporate limits of Boise City.

B. Barbed wire may be permitted in commercial and industrial zones only when used as the top section for security fences. Any barbed wire forming part of a security fence shall be a minimum of 72 inches above grade. Public correctional or penal facilities are exempted from this limitation.


C. For the purposes of this section, walls, lattice work and screens shall be considered to be fences and shall be built and maintained in compliance with the provisions hereof. 


D. The use of boxes, sheet metal, old or decayed wood, broken masonry blocks or other like unsightly materials for fencing is hereby prohibited.


E. Upon and within lots in all residential districts and limited office districts for dwelling units

 1. Interior Lots. Solid or closed non-vision fences to a height of 36 inches, or openvision type fences to a height of 48 inches, may be built from the front yard setback to and including the front property line. Fences to a height of 72 inches may be built from the front yard setback to and including the rear property line.


 2. Corner Lots

 a. Any fence, wall or planting on or within the clear vision triangle shall be limited to 36 inches in height measured from the crown of the street. 


 b. Solid or closed non-vision fences to a height of 36 inches or open-vision type fences to a height of 48 inches, may be built along the front property line and along the side property line to the front yard setback, except that a fence of 72 inches in height may be built upon street and side property lines from the front yard setback to and across the rear property line provided that no fence which exceeds 36 inches in height may be erected in the clear vision triangle.


F. To vary the above requirement, the provisions of Section 11-06-11 shall be complied with.

G. If a fence is to be erected upon and within public right-of-way, approval must also be obtained from the Ada County Highway District.Fence Regulations 2


H. Concrete and masonry walls of any height, and fences over six feet (6’) tall must also be approved by the Building Division.


 I. The fence must be built entirely upon the property which it was permitted for unless agreements are made with the adjoining property owners. These agreements need not be submitted with the application. However, the permit shall become void if the applicant fails to procure them.


 J. All fences shall be maintained and kept structurally sound so as to not endanger life, property or become a nuisance.


 K. One (1) ornamental gate/entryway may be allowed in a front or street side setback, provided it does not exceed eight feet (8’) in height, six feet (6’) in width and is not located within a clear vision triangle.


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