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While not everything comes up on every job and most times none of this will at all, we believe in transparency and letting you know what you can expect from Frontier Fence Company.  IF you have any questions or concerns about anything within our disclosures please feel to call your Sales Representative or call our office and we will be more than happy to assist you.


1.) Estimate vs Invoice

Your bid is based on the footage discussed with your sales representative and includes all materials & standard labor for your project, unless otherwise stated.  Final Footage Count will be taken after the posts are set or after installation.  Your invoice will reflect the installed footage which may be more or less than the estimate you were provided, depending upon where you have elected to have your fence installed. 


Please Note: If there are Major changes to the layout of a project it may need to be bid again prior to the start of the project. 


2.) Warranty

Frontier Fence Company will provide you with a quality fence or railing. Frontier Fence Company provides a one-year workmanship warranty on all fences set and installed by Frontier Fence Company. Some fence materials may have an additional warranty through the supplier or manufacturer.  Please check with our office if you would like additional information.


3.) Materials:

Materials may have slight imperfections.  Wood is a product of nature and may have knot holes or varying patterns.  Vinyl and iron may have very light scratches from shipping and handling.  Frontier Fence Company employees do their best to minimize these imperfections.  However, they will exist at times as it may be unavoidable.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


 4.) HOA Approval & Permits:

Homeowner is responsible for HOA approvals & City Permits. Fence Specifications, Pictures, and fence layouts are available upon request. Frontier Fence Company can submit your fence permit on your behalf for a small fee which includes the cost of the permit.  Let our office know if you would like assistance with your permit.


5.) Property Lines:

Frontier Fence Company upon request will assist in determining where the fence is to be erected, but under no circumstance does Frontier Fence Company assume any responsibility concerning property lines or in any way guarantee their accuracy. If property pins cannot be located it is recommended that the customer have the property surveyed.


6.) Major Utility Lines & Digline

Frontier Fence Company will call IDAHO's Digline #811 to mark underground utilities. These should be marked at minimum the day before your scheduled day. Please ensure they have access or we will not be able to excavate.  The locators will mark any major utilities (Gas, City Water, Power Lines, Phone, & Internet) with water soluble paint.  These marks will fade away in a few days or you can spray them off with water


7.) Private Utility Lines:

Homeowner is responsible for unmarked utilities such as Satellite TV lines, Sprinkler Lines, or other privately installed lines. Frontier Fence Company has no way of knowing where these lines are buried. Please mark with spray paint or provide a layout if you know where these lines are.  While our employees do their best to avoid hitting these lines at times it may be unavoidable.  We will do what we can to remedy the situation as quickly as possible…such as notifying the utility company for damage repair. (See #8 concerning sprinklers)


8.) Sprinkler Lines:

Frontier Fence Company will make repairs to the first damaged sprinkler line as a courtesy to our customers and will notify you that if you wish to proceed with the fence line thus potentially damaging more sprinklers there may be a charge to fix the other lines.  Your set crew foreman will advise you of the fee and write up a change order.


9.) Clear Working Areas:

Homeowner must ensure that the work area is clear of debris, shrubs, branches, animal droppings, etc... If we must clear out the work area a "work site prepping" fee may be added to your invoice. Your Sales Representative should discuss with you what will need to be done before the work can begin.


10.) Pets:

Pets must be contained or put away. Frontier Fence Company employees will not enter a yard if an animal is out. If your pet is left out on your scheduled day you must reschedule unless arrangements can be made to secure the animal within a reasonable time frame. Should rescheduling occur you may be subjected to a trip fee or additional labor charges.


11.) Bee's, Wasps, Hornets

For the safety of our employees as well as you and your loved ones, if while working on your property Frontier Fence Company employees encounter a nest or hive, the employees may stop work at their discretion and notify you that you must make arrangements to have them removed.  Once they are removed we will resume working on the project.


12.) Digging Conditions:

Hard Soil, Lava Rock, River Rock, Tree Roots & other abnormal digging conditions "may" increase the price of labor.  This will be discussed with the customer at first notice.  These types of digging conditions can severely delay our crews and disrupt our scheduling.  Frontier Fence Company has no way of knowing what lies beneath until digging begins.  We will notify you of any additional charges via an onsite change order.




13.) Payment Policy:

50% Down is due upon confirmation of your project. Balance is to be paid upon completion of your project with a 7 Day grace period. Your invoice will be emailed to you within 2 Days of project completion.  Please review your invoice and your project promptly and if you have any questions or concerns please let us know as soon as possible so that we can get you taken care of.


Notice Concerning Late Payments:

After the initial invoice is emailed a reminder will again be emailed and mailed after 7 days of non- payment. If we have not heard anything from you and your balance has gone unpaid for 14 days, there will be a 10% interest fee charged and a collections letter emailed and mailed out. Should an unpaid balance go further than 30 Days all emails & correspondences will be forwarded to our attorney to begin the Property Lien Process.


14.) Cancellation Policy:

If your project is cancelled either by you or Frontier Fence Company.  Your deposit will be refunded less any credit card processing fees, administrative fees, material costs, permit fees, fabrication costs, or labor fees only if applicable.  If fees are deducted a detailed breakdown of any charges will be provided with your refund.  All Refunds are issued by check and mailed out the next business day following the cancellation.


15.) Finally, Frontier Fence Company values you, our customer and the trust you have put in us. All changes or additional charges must be approved by you, the customer before any work continues.  Frontier Fence Company will not add charges to an invoice without notice to the customer either verbally, via email, or through an onsite change order.



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