City of Star

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8-4A-14: FENCES: 


The following regulations shall govern the type, location, and construction of all fences:


A. General Standards:

1. Fences Taller Than Six Feet: All fences taller than six feet (6') require a building permit in the city of Star.

2. Barbwire Fencing: Barbwire fencing shall be prohibited, except in the LI district, when: a) used as the top section for security fencing; and b) located a minimum of six feet (6') above grade to the bottom wire.

3. Unsightly Materials: The use of boxes, sheet metal, old or decayed wood, broken masonry blocks, or other like unsightly materials for fencing shall be prohibited.

4. Obstruction: No fence shall obstruct access to public utility boxes, meters or other infrastructure.

5. Maintenance: Fences shall be kept free from advertising and graffiti and maintained in good repair.

6. Front Yard Fences: Front yard fences shall not exceed three feet (3') height for closed vision and four feet (4') open vision.

7. Compliance With Clear Vision Triangle Requirements: All fences shall comply with the clear vision triangle requirements as stated in section 8-4A-7 of this article.

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